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Just a thought, but with the busy pace of life we all need quiet time to recharge our batteries. By practicing the Yoga Nidra style of meditation, we all can achieve the awareness to connect and get in touch with our true selves.Yoga Nidra is a powerful meditative practice for deep relaxation and healing. It means yogic sleep or conscious deep sleep. The deepest of all meditations, it creates a state of extreme stillness of the mind where muscular, emotional and mental tensions are released allowing the body to achieve total relaxation. One hour of Yoga Nidra is the equivalent of four hours of rest.  A portion of the sales from this recording are donated to various charities. Together we can make an impact.


I awaken and inspire you to live authentically, achieve your personal best and say YES to your soul’s purpose by using co-creating techniques, strategies and various meditation styles to attract, receive and live you dream life!

Areas can include but are not limited to:

  • Conscious and Empowered Life Coaching-body, health, relationships, spirituality
  • Mindful eating, nutrition, relationship with food, healthy kitchen makeover
  • Co-create your ideal body
  • Define and attract what you want-change your frequency, change your life
  • Spirituality guidance and healing, soul journey and purpose
  • Clear limiting beliefs and self sabotaging patterns and blocks, establish healthy habits
  • Breathing techniques and meditations for relaxation and managing stress, pain and insomnia
  • Personal training, fascia and orthopedic stretching, post physical therapy strengthening
  • Spinal health training to manage pain, build strength and flexibility
  • Brand and business consulting, taking creative projects from idea to reality

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